Nature continues to function as inspiration for contemporary artists as well as artists throughout the history of art. Similar to the cycles of decay and regeneration of the universe, I have an interest in creating a complex layered space on the 2-dimensional surface. Whether the illusion of space is created through taking away paint through scraping and sanding or adding paint to create scale changes, color relationships, or perspective, my paintings give the viewer a glimpse into an abstracted environment with varying degrees of representation. The passage of time is evident through attention to detail and multiple layers. Through fleeting observations and hours of looking at a single object, a careful processing of the environment I move through is documented.
Within my paintings forms appear to recede and emerge, float and dive, decay and develop in immeasurable spaces evocative of the sublime. These spaces express qualities related to bodies of water, sky, outer space, or somewhere in between. Like painters of the Romantic Movement, I seek to utilize the power of suggestiveness to stimulate the imagination.
Most compositions start with direct observation of patterns and shapes found in organic objects-particularly rocks. Although painted forms maybe rooted in the geological world they often mimic other objects from nature- a hard rocklike form may simultaneously exhibit characteristics of a fragile egg, seashell, seed, or even microscopic organisms. While I begin with images and objects from the observable world, my paintings are less specific in order to reference the interconnectedness of life.